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The first of KX ORAIO's clients Mercerie Mösch

Mercerie Mösch

The first client of KX ORAIO. In their fine mercerie store in Rorschach in Switzerland, you find everything around sewing and much more. Starting at the high-quality Mettler threads, Gütermann fabrics and Riri zippers to Burda patterns, belt ribbons, cords, lace, Clover items, do-it-yourself books, bodice items, fabric  stickers and tissues

Mercerie Mösch has an official JUKI sewing machines representation and pick-up station for service and repairs for sewing machines of all brands.

Repairs of zippers, pressing of snap-fasteners, smaller repairs and modifications of clothes belong to their services.

Let you inspire by their ideas and products.

Visit them on their website, blog, get ahold of them on Facebook,Google+, Twitter and others.

atelier sauce logo

What is Atelier “sauce”?

Sauce is a creative atelier creating young, straight-forward and brave visual communication, paired with an attractive collaboration.

Who are they?

Sauce is driven, creative, funny, open-minded, honest, cheeky, innovative and original minds.

The vision of Atelier “sauce”

They want more creativity, more diversity and more fun. They want to work with like-minded people, achieving goals and realizing projects that were not possible before.
Moreover, Atelier “sauce” wants to build a sustainable future for them and others, that have the same beliefs. Sauce wants to jump into a project, understand it, live it and work
their asses off to create the best possible outcome. Evolve creatively, keep learning and outgrow themselves.