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ORAIO RED Espresso

CHF 8.90CHF 31.90 incl. VAT.

ORAIO RED Espresso

The ORAIO RED Espresso is perfect for the pick-me-up in between! Best coffee made from selected coffee beans, gently roasted in Switzerland. An espresso as it should be!

Discover real coffee enjoyment!

The secret of ORAIO RED Espresso lies in its composition. It consists of 65% Arabica coffee beans and 35% Robusta beans. Robusta coffee beans have a higher caffeine content and get you going. In the morning or in between! We use Indian Parchment AB, which comes from the southern regions of the subcontinent and is known for its spicy, earthy, and tart taste. They thrive on the steep slopes in Karnataka in the tropical climate. The ORAIO RED is refined with the India Monsooned Malabar AA. It comes from the rainy Malabar region and is a coffee with a delicate, mineral spice. It is characterized by a medium body and a mild taste with little acidity. It owes this to the “Monsooning”. It is exposed to the monsoon for some time, which gives it its characteristic color and aroma. The espresso is rounded off by the Brasil Santos NY2 17/18 Guaxupe Dulce.

Weight: 0.27 kg
Dimensions: 160 × 80 × 240 mm
Content weight: 250g, 1000g
Blend: 35% Robusta, 65% Arabica
Coffees used: Malabar AA monsooned, Indian Parchment AB, Brasil Santos NY2 17/18 Guaxupe Dulce
Shelf life: 6 Months after purchase. For best Aroma use within 2 months.


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