Keep a steady supply of craft coffee beans in your shelf or inventory with KX ORAIO. We offer the very best specialty roasted coffee beans made in Switzerland. This ensures the highest quality standards which we pass to our customers all over the world.

Limited amounts are roasted and we carry only specialized coffee products to maintain the standards you demand.

At KX ORAIO, it is easy to keep your wholesale inventory or retail shelf always filled with ORAIO BLACK, ORAIO GOLD, ORAIO SILVER or ORAIO RED.

Maybe you want to give someone a taste of all our coffee bean products. We offer bundles at a discount price. Try the small composition with or without espresso and the same with our big size packages.

Explore the unique roasting method using fire and a cast sphere our supplier uses in his roastery. A lot of experience and craftsmanship creates your favorite product so make us your preferred wholesale and retail store today!

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