Roasted coffee made in Switzerland

22 years ago the family von Allmen took over the substitute roasting plant. Every year over 250 tons of grains are processed and 40 tons of coffee beans are roasted. Until 8 years ago only substitute was produced.

What is a coffee substitute?

A coffee like beverage which ingredients are treated like coffee beans. Colour and taste are similar to bean coffee.
Examples are using malt, grain, chicory and so on.

Coffee variations KX ORAIO sells

For 6 years a unique method in Switzerland creates the coffee. The coffee beans roast about an hour over an open fire in an over 70 years old cast sphere. As a result of the slow and gentle roasting, a unique coffee is produced.

4 different flavors are made: ORAIO BLACK, ORAIO RED Espresso, ORAIO SILVER and ORAIO GOLD.

The high quality is appreciated by many people, restaurants and companies.

Special Roasting Method

The Switzerland wide unique method creates a high-quality product. It needs a lot of experience to roast the coffee beans over an open fire. The whole production of the day is destroyed in case the beans burn. Especially relevant for about an hour the highly concentrated staff focuses on different indicators. The sound the beans make in the cast sphere, the color and the smoke generation. To make sure the colour is always the same the beans need to be inspected always in the same light. Moreover, the roasting process is not finished by taking the beans out of the sphere. The beans are still hot and that needs to be considered too.