The Mission of KX ORAIO

Our mission is to satisfy our customers around the world, offering them high quality roasted coffee beans. We want you to enjoy your cup of coffee in the morning, in the hotel lounge, or while studying without regrets.

We want to help businesses around the world being able to meet the high standards of your clients. Develope sustainable relationships by offering high quality products and leave a good long lasting impression.

coffee roasting craftsmanship
coffee beans roasting sphere
coffee roasting sphere emptying

The Story behind the Why

Did you experience the burnt after taste and strong bitterness of coffee produced by big brands? We tried many different kinds of coffee and found those characteristics more often stronger than weaker. No matter which ones we tried, almost all roasted coffee beans had those features. Very rarely, we were satisfied. Therefore, we decided to take action ourselves and find coffee blends to offer quality options to our customers around the world. In the beginning, we have not been successful in finding the right coffee blend that meets your and our standards. It was not very easy and took a long time, but in the end, the result came out very well.

roasted coffee beans cooling
roasted coffee beans cooling-cooling-down
roasted coffee beans sphere

Our Values

The high expectations of our customers are our guidelines. To meet your standards, we value quality over quantity. Craftsmanship and experience create better quality coffee than any machine will do. Moreover, KX ORAIO knows the suppliers in person and can take immediate action on every step of the production if necessary.

roasted coffee beans vision

The Vision

Business counting on mass produced products will not leave the same impression on customers as with handcrafted ones.  Furthermore, mass production could cause harm to the image of your business if the product you offer does not meet the expectations of your clients because it is faulty in material or moral behind the production. Handmade goods experience the personal care and time of a craftsman or craftswoman.

KX ORAIO wants to help businesses to offer high quality products and transform your visitors into returning clients.

ORAIO RED Espresso
ORAIO GOLD strong coffee
ORAIO SILVER good morning coffee, fine coffee