Indian Parchment AB

Indian Parchment AB: aromatic Robusta coffee from the south of India

With Indian Parchment AB, you will get to know a particularly aromatic Robusta coffee from India. Due to high demands on the location, the cultivation of the coffee plants is limited to the southern states of the country. The state of Karnataka, with its tropical climate, is particularly noteworthy here. There the coffee is cultivated by small farmers in the highlands. The harvest takes place in the nine months from March to November.

Karnataka is accessible to the sea winds of the Indian Ocean coming from the west. To the east of a coastal strip about 50 kilometers wide, the slopes of Western Ghats rise to a height of almost 2,000 meters. Here, Robusta Kaffee Indian Parchment AB finds ideal climatic growing conditions at an altitude of 600 to 800 meters. A particularly nutrient-rich soil rounds off the regional advantages. At the same time, the area is considered one of the most excellent growing areas for high-quality tea on the Indian subcontinent.

India Karnataka Indian Parchment origin

Hand-picked, wet-cleaned and sun-dried

Indian Parchment AB is traditionally hand-picked, wet-cleaned and then dried slowly and gently in the sun. In contrast to machine harvesting, manual harvesting allows the sorting out of unripe or inferior coffee cherries. This advantage later has a positive effect on the cup profile and also protects the coffee plants.

The body of the variety is strong and intense. Pronounced earthy and nutty notes provide a full-bodied aroma. At the same time, Indian Parchment AB is characterized by low acidity. Thanks to the combination of optimal growing conditions and careful selection, Robusta coffee reaches the quality of an Arabica. At the same time, its high caffeine content gives it the typical Robusta characteristics that qualify it for blending first-class espressos.

Indian Parchment AB hand picked
Indian Parchment AB washing machine
Indian Parchment AB washing
Indian Parchment AB sun dried

Indian Parchment AB in ORAIO RED Espresso

To experience the Indian Parchment AB on your palate we recommend our ORAIO RED Espresso. Here the Indian coffee goes a successful blend with Malabar AA monsooned and Brasil Santos NY2 17/18 Guaxupe Dulce. The ORAIO RED convinces espresso lovers as strong and, at the same time, digestible pick-me-up, which was gently roasted in Switzerland.