Salvador SHG

Salvador SHG – exquisite Arabica coffee from Central America

The Central American country of El Salvador is a small country with an area of around 21,000 km². However, it is one of the big players in the cultivation of high-quality Arabica coffee. This is particularly noticeable in Salvador SHG. The abbreviation stands for “Strictly High Grown” and indicates cultivation at altitudes above 1,380 meters. Here the coffee cherries ripen more slowly and produce smaller and harder beans with excellent taste characteristics. Salvador SHG is even cultivated up to altitudes of 1,850 meters.

Map El Salvador

Bourbon, pacas and co. from El Salvador

The majority of Salvador SHG is made up of bourbon. This is considered a particularly fine Arabica coffee with multi-faceted fruity notes, natural sweetness, and a mildly balanced acidity. It also contains the similar variety Pacas and, in small quantities, Pacamara, Caturra, Catuai, and Catistic. All varieties are washed Arabica coffee. The duration of fermentation is between eight and 15 hours, depending on the altitude.

Salvador SHG volcano soil
Salvador SHG arabica coffee beans
el salvador washed arabica coffee shg

Experience Salvador SHG

If you would like to feel Salvador SHG on your own palate, there are two varieties available: ORAIO SILVER and ORAIO GOLD. The ORAIO SILVER is recommended for friends of pure Arabica coffee. Besides the beans from El Salvador, the Arabica Brasil Santos NY2 17/18 Guaxupe Dulce is included. If you like to start the day with a mild coffee and appreciate a round, never obtrusive aroma in the afternoon, this is the right choice.

But if you like your coffee a little stronger, the ORAIO GOLD suits you very well. Salvador SHG also combines here with Brasil Santos NY2 17/18 Guaxupe Dulce. The Robusta Ind. Cherry A screen 17 provides the desired shot of energy. Hints of honey and caramel, fine buttery notes, and a hint of candied fruit give the ORAIO GOLD a nuanced cup profile for connoisseurs.

A genuine cultural product with tradition

The history of coffee cultivation in EL Salvador dates back to 1740. In 380 years, a wealth of experience has been accumulated, which benefits the connoisseur today. In El Salvador, coffee is more than just a product for export. Its cultivation is an integral part of the country’s culture. The skill and knowledge of the coffee farmers impress the experts.