arabica and robusta coffee bean comparison
arabica coffee bean

Arabica is the most widely used coffee plant for global coffee production. It is also known as mountain coffee and Java coffee, the Latin name being Coffea arabica. Originally from Ethiopia, this plant is now grown in large areas in other countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Kenya. It grows as a shrub or tree mainly in the mountains and requires stable temperatures between about 18 and 25 degrees Celsius. The untreated Arabica beans vary in color; for example, they can be green or grey-yellowish. All beans are characterized by their oval shape and the distinctive, curved split.

Compared to Robusta coffee as the second most important coffee plant, the global market share of Arabica is considerably larger and is just over 60%. This is due to the nobler taste of Arabica beans, which is why almost all exclusive coffees are made exclusively from Arabica. Another feature is the lower caffeine content.

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